Trauma Main Title Theme

Tonight’s second episode of Trauma will actually be the first one to feature my original “Trauma Main Title Theme.”

As far as I know, this is the only new series this fall with a theme song in 7/4.  Come to think of it, this TV show theme is the only one in 7/4 I can think of!  Is there one I’m forgetting about?  Mission: Impossible is the most famous example of a TV theme in 5/4, but surely there have to be some others in 7 out there, right?  Help me out here…

Speaking of wacky meters, the first scene has a great action cue in 5/4, and the big set piece of this episode is scored to another cool 7/4 groove, built from the chopped helicopter samples and rhythm section.  However, the weirdest meter so far was probably the groove in 13 I used for the big action cues in the pilot.

This episode is a really good one, and I think next week’s is even better.  I hope you guys tune in, and especially that you enjoy the Main Title!

No “Trauma” Sign Off Yet,