Quick BG Updates

     Some quick updates for the Galactica fans out there.

    I know everybody wants to know when the next live Galactica concert is and I’ve finally got a vague, but close-to-being-finalized answer…. 

The Battlestar Galactica Live Concert in Los Angeles has been postponed to January 2008. [Update: It has since been postponed to April 2008]

     The reasons for the delay are too numerous to mention, but I’m planning on scheduling the performance very close to the premiere of Season 4. I hope to have all the details locked down in the next month or two, so stay vigilant and keep checking back every once in a while. This concert will be worth the wait. We’ll be performing highlights from Seasons 1, 2 and 3 and probably give a sneak preview of the score to Season 4. I’m also expanding the ensemble this year to include some of the string pieces, so we’ll be performing “A Promise to Return” among others.



     The wait for the Season 3 Soundtrack Album is almost over! La La Land Records is releasing the disc on October 23rd. I mentioned in my last entry that I’d be posting the track list here on my website. Ironically, I didn’t move fast enough and somehow it is already out there on the internet! 🙂 Oh well… here it is anyway, in case you missed it:

  • 1. A Distant Sadness (from ‘Occupation’) [2:50]
  • Featuring Raya Yarbrough, vocals 
  • 2. Precipice (from ‘Precipice’) [4:52]
  • 3. Admiral and Commander (from ‘Exodus, Parts 1 and 2’) [3:16]
  • 4. Storming New Caprica (from ‘Exodus, Parts 2’) [7:48]
  • 5. Refugees Return (from ‘Exodus, Part 2’) [3:43]
  • 6. Wayward Soldier (from ‘Hero’) [4:17]
  • 7. Violence and Variations (from ‘Unfinished Business’) [7:42]
  • 8. The Dance (from ‘Unfinished Business’) [2:33]
  • 9. Adama Falls (from ‘Unfinished Business’) [1:46]
  • 10. Under the Wing (from ‘Maelstrom’) [1:11]
  • 11. Battlestar Sonatica (from ‘Torn’) [4:44]
  • Performed by Bear McCreary, piano
  • 12. Fight Night (from ‘Unfinished Business’) [2:27]
  • 13. Kat’s Sacrifice (from ‘The Passage’) [2:46]
  • 14. Someone to Trust (from ‘Taking A Break From All Your Worries’) [3:09]
  • 15. The Temple of Five (from ‘The Eye of Jupiter’) [2:44]
  • 16. Dirty Hands (from ‘Dirty Hands’) [3:32]
  • 17. Gentle Execution (from ‘Exodus, Part 2’) [3:28]
  • 18. Mandala in the Clouds (from ‘Maelstrom’) [5:53]
  • 19. Deathbed and Maelstrom (from ‘Maelstrom’) [5:53]
  • 20. Heeding the Call (from ‘Crossroads, Part 2’) [2:11]
  • 21. All Along the Watchtower (from ‘Crossroads, Part 2’) [3:33]
  • Featuring Bt4, Vocals
  • Words and Music by Bob Dylan
  • Adapted, Arranged, and Produced by Bear McCreary

     While Battlestar Galactica: Razor is nearing completion, mostly visual fx changes, the score is finally finished. You guys are going to love this thing. It has more intense action sequences and battles than anything else, except for possibly Exodus Part II. And there are numerous references to the old Battlestar Galactica series for the hard-core sci fi fans as well.

     I’ve been hearing a lot of noise from fans about releasing a Razor-specific soundtrack. There is certainly enough material to merit a disc, almost an hour’s worth of new music. However, in all honesty, it wouldn’t make a very exciting listen. Much of the score is atmospheric and dark. The fun battle cues really only make up about 15 minutes of music. I’m open to the idea of a limited edition down the road, but for now, I’m planning on including the best cues on the Battlestar Galactica Season 4 soundtrack next year.

     Not much else is new. My score for Wrong Turn 2 comes out in a few weeks, and I’ll write an entry for it as soon as I can. I’m wrapping up this season of Eureka and getting ready to start scoring The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the final season of Battlestar Galactica. Busy as always…


So Say We All,