Angry Video Game Nerd the Movie

James Rolfe (aka “The Nerd”) brings his popular web series to life with Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie! Rolfe turned to Bear McCreary for the music. The Soundtrack also features two songs from the band Young Beautiful in a Hurry, “Nerds Before Birds” and “Barcade,” written by the band’s Brendan McCreary, who regularly collaborates with Bear on the TV series Defiance and other projects. “The music combines a full symphonic orchestra, heavy metal rhythm section and custom sampled synthesis from NES, Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis hardware,” McCreary described “For this score, I got to live out all my musical fantasies, combining influences from my favorite video games and film composers that inspired me when I was a kid. I can honestly say that the score for Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie is without doubt the most fun score I’ve ever produced,” said McCreary. “I also got to incorporate the iconic ‘Angry Video Game Nerd Theme Song,’ and collaborate with its composer, Kyle Justin.”

Soundtrack Highlights