Look What I Have!!

Hot off the press…  Battlestar Galactica: Season 4 soundtrack CDs!  (I took this picture 5 minutes ago.)

This album is currently in the TOP 100 MUSIC SALES on Amazon, and has actually been the #1 selling TV soundtrack for over a month.  I just learned that La La Land Records has SOLD OUT of their initial printing, two weeks before the official release date, and are rushing to get more discs manufactured to meet demand.

Holding this album in my hands is an intense feeling.  This record represents nearly two years of my life.  Now it’s is done and about to be released.  And the mastering, graphics, liner notes and packaging are all top-notch, too.   It’s really an incredible presentation.

Ok, sorry.  I know I’m just torturing you guys now.  🙂  But, seriously… this record is going to be worth the wait.  I promise!

We will be be performing a bunch of tracks from it, as well as other familiar Galactica compositions, at the Music of Battlestar Galactica concerts next week, at the House of Blues in San Diego.  If you missed our official site, check it out here.

Ticketmaster just announced a special “4 FOR THE PRICE OF 3” OFFER. And, beginning tomorrow, you can save more by entering the promotional code: “frak.”  This saves you $10 off General Admission, and $30 off the VIP admission price!

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster:

Thursday, July 23 (Hosted by Edward James Olmos)
Friday, July 24 (Hosted by Edward James Olmos / Grace Park)
Saturday, July 25 (Hosted by Grace Park)

There also miiiiiiiight be some special surprise guests in addition to those announced.  🙂

*** Web Design Contest Winners ***

I also want to take this chance to personally congratulate Arild Wanvik Tvergrov, our Grand Prize Web Design Contest Winner.  Arild is a Web Designer by trade, hailing from Oslo, Norway.  Check out his blog of his San Diego trip (http://arildtvergrov.no/blog/) and learn more about Arild on www.bsgorchestra.com

Also a big congrats goes to our two runners up:

Simon Gugeler, A 25 year old movie trailer editor from South Germany. Check out the site Simon built for the contest
. http://2pixels.net/portfolio/web/battlestarorchestra_index_july09.jpg.  Pretty cool, huh?  And don’t forget to check out his main portfolio at www.2pixels.net.  Simon’s favorite “Galatica” track is “Wander My Friends,” and his favorite cylon is “Number 6.”
And Boris Mølgaard Hansen, a talented graphic and web designer by trade hailing from Aarhus, Denmark.  He says, “Some years ago, I started a hobby project named Symphonic Aria that provides music for games. Now, keep in mind that this is absolutely amateur stuff compared to the context of this blog! – but if you’re a budding game producer who can’t afford Bear, well, you can always drop by. Music tracks can be perused and downloaded, so if you just like amateur game music… drop by as well.” (http://www.symphonicaria.com)  I checked their stuff out.  Pretty epic!  🙂

Great work was submitted by all, and as I mentioned in my previous entry, everyone who entered a design will get a signed limited edition CD!

*** Comic Con***

I will appear at Comic Con on multiple days next week.  First, on Thursday, I’m taking part in Richard Hatch’s panel with some amazing “Galactica” cast / crew.

On Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday I will appear at various signings and presentations, including something for Dark Void at the Capcom booth.

Comic Con will also feature the premiere screening of a new television project I’m scoring that you haven’t heard about yet.  It will be your first chance to hear the knock out full-orchestral score I wrote for this thing.  I haven’t said a word about this project for months and it’s been killing me keeping it secret because I know when you guys hear this soundtrack… you’re gonna explode.  It’s like Battlestar / Sarah Connor / Dark Void on steroids!

Details about all these exciting events will be posted as soon as they’re locked down, so keep checking back here in the next week.

As for me, I’m currently in the midst rehearsals and I can safely say that this series of concerts will blow away anything we’ve ever done in the past.  We’re doing twice as many songs, the band is tight and really kicking ass.  You guys are in for a musical experience like no other!

See you in San Diego!