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The Cape: Dice

This week’s episode of “The Cape” features one of the most exotic orchestral scores I’ve written yet.  I explored new textures and colors with the ensemble and found sounds I’d never created before: dreamy atmospheres, rumbling thunder, shimmering glass and roaring waves.  All of this was accomplished using traditional orchestral instrumentation, but in ways I hadn’t before.

SPOILERS PREDICTED AHEAD: Dice introduces a new villain, the telepathic assassin calling herself Dice, played by Mena Suvari (American Beauty).  Like with all villains on this series, I set out to write her an original theme that would form the foundation of the episode’s entire score. (more…)

The Cape: Scales on a Train

When Vinnie Jones’ character Scales was first briefly introduced in the pilot, I accompanied his grand entrance with a rockin’ metal / electronica theme.  With such little screen time I really didn’t have the chance to develop his theme much beyond that.  When I saw the title of Scales on a Train I knew right away I’d be incorporating his theme into the score in a big way.

There are many moments in this episode where the Scales electric guitar, bass and drum groove are stated very clearly.  However, there are also subtle moments, where distorted electric guitars are merged into the orchestral strings and brass.  The mere presence of rock instrumentation makes this score distinct from the previous episodes.

And I even altered the orchestra itself, to give it a heavier sound, more appropriate for Scales.  We ditched all violins and violas and replaced them with three sections of celli and a bass section.  The resultant sound is an aggressive, bottom-heavy sound that was perfect for the train-engine-inspired action cues.  However, celli in their upper register would also prove useful for the emotional passages the episode required. (more…)

The Cape: Kozmo

SPOILERS AHEAD: This week’s episode of “The Cape” introduces the previous owner of the cape, Gregor Molotov.  He did not use the cape for good, however.  He is a criminal and murderer, and has spent the past twenty years in Russian prisons.  From the beginning, I knew he required a villainous musical theme.

The Carnival of Crime and Max Malini Themes both drew from Eastern European influences, so it was fitting the origins of the cape hark back to that region.  I knew I wanted the Gregor Theme to feel similar, but in a more geographically specific way.  I composed a melody inspired by Russian folk music, and added male choir, accordion and a balalaika ensemble: (more…)

The Cape: Pilot / Tarot

Superhero adventures have been an essential part of my creative life for as long as I can remember.  I grew up consuming Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Justice League, The Tick, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men and Watchmen.  Some of the earliest music I ever wrote was inspired by the brassy fanfares of John Williams’ Superman and Danny Elfman’s Batman Themes.

I always suspected I had my own superhero score buried in my imagination somewhere, ready to dig out when necessary.  That opportunity finally arrived when I was brought on board NBC’s newest drama, “The Cape.”

I first met with creator / executive producer Tom Wheeler and writer / producer John Wirth last summer, to discuss what the music for this series could sound like.  I knew little about the concept; I only knew it was a superhero show.  But, that fact alone prepared me with a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” I felt would make for great superhero television scoring.  In a way, I was already writing the score in the back of my mind, before I even watched the pilot. (more…)

The Cape Main Title

Here it is!  I’m thrilled to bring you guys an early listen to my epic main title theme music for “THE CAPE:”