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Knights of Badassdom


Today, the feature film Knights of Badassdom finally hits Video On Demand after a limited theatrical run last month.  Today also marks the release of my original score, brought to you by Sparks & Shadows. The album containing both my original score and songs is available digitally from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and is also available on CD. Feast thine ears on this ten-minute preview of my score!

My journey with Knights of Badassdom began almost exactly five years ago. My dear friend, and frequent collaborator, Joe Lynch put a script by Kevin Dreyfuss and Matt Wall in my hand. In the darkest hours of a cold winter night, I read a chronicle of adventurous LARPers, an evil curse, a disgruntled heavy metal singer, wizards, warriors and the Hell Lord Abominog. As I read, my musical imagination filled with soaring bagpipes, drop-tuned distorted guitars, double kick drums, blaring horns, dulcimers and ethereal vocals – everything I love about music in one epic score. Now, five years later, after a long and twisted creative journey, I am thrilled that the music I heard that night in my mind is finally unleashed upon the world, as the soundtrack to Knights of Badassdom. (more…)