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BG 4.0 DVD Documentary: “The Music of BG”

Battlestar Season 4.0 is finally released on DVD this week.  I’m thrilled to announce officially what many of you have suspected since early reviews of the DVD leaked out: This DVD set includes my original documentary “Inside The Secrets Of The Behind The Making Of The Music Of Battlestar Galactica: Revealed.”

This is a film I produced with Matthew Gilna and Kristina Maniatis that premiered last April at our Los Angeles Battlestar concerts.  If you missed our shows last spring, here’s your chance to catch up.  And since you’re reading my blog, I’m assuming you’re already a fan and will be checking out the DVDs at some point anyway.  🙂

Many people came together to help make this film a reality, but there are several without whom it would never have existed:


RS2! My New Album Now Shipping!

I’m thrilled to announce my newest soundtrack CD, Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back, began shipping yesterday from La La Land Records.  While technically a soundtrack, it’s really more of a rock concept album.  These tracks represent my sick and twisted musical imagination unleashed.  This is my third feature film score, and believe it or not, the third in my epic trilogy of “Horror Film Scores Performed by Bluegrass Band,” following Rest Stop: Dead Ahead and Wrong Turn 2. Autographed copies are still available from the label, but they’ll go pretty quickly.

The sequel to WB’s 2006 hit Rest Stop: Dead Ahead, Rest Stop:Don’t Look Back tells the terrifying tale of three teenagers who encounter unimaginable horror when… uh, when…

… let’s be honest here.  This is another solid entry in a genre that’s been done a million times.  You either love these kinds of movies, hate them, or ignore them.  I’m certainly not about to sway any of your opinions on the cinematic merits of “Attractive Teenagers in Peril” films, nor would I want to.


Battlestar Galactica: Razor


SPOILER WARNING: I’m referencing the extended DVD version of Razor. I don’t really give anything away, but be warned nonetheless…

Battlestar Galactica: Razor was a very unusual project to work on. While it is being promoted as a TV movie, or “event,” it’s essentially a lost chapter from Season 2. So, I found myself returning to characters and storylines from many episodes past, with the experience and sensibilities I’d acquired throughout Season 3.