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Comic Con 2014 Highlights


As another July comes to a close, I find myself once again coming down off the multi-day adrenaline rush that is San Diego Comic Con. This year, there were so many exciting events relating to my projects that there was no way for me to catch them all. Nevertheless, Comic Con 2014 was a memorable and thrilling experience, filled with revelations about my current projects and announcements of new ones.  (more…)

Knights of Badassdom


Today, the feature film Knights of Badassdom finally hits Video On Demand after a limited theatrical run last month.  Today also marks the release of my original score, brought to you by Sparks & Shadows. The album containing both my original score and songs is available digitally from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and is also available on CD. Feast thine ears on this ten-minute preview of my score!

My journey with Knights of Badassdom began almost exactly five years ago. My dear friend, and frequent collaborator, Joe Lynch put a script by Kevin Dreyfuss and Matt Wall in my hand. In the darkest hours of a cold winter night, I read a chronicle of adventurous LARPers, an evil curse, a disgruntled heavy metal singer, wizards, warriors and the Hell Lord Abominog. As I read, my musical imagination filled with soaring bagpipes, drop-tuned distorted guitars, double kick drums, blaring horns, dulcimers and ethereal vocals – everything I love about music in one epic score. Now, five years later, after a long and twisted creative journey, I am thrilled that the music I heard that night in my mind is finally unleashed upon the world, as the soundtrack to Knights of Badassdom. (more…)

Europa Report

erp09[Spoiler-Free:] This weekend, audiences have the chance to experience my music on the big screen, with the theatrical release of “Europa Report.”  My original score for this daring little science fiction film is available now from Sparks & Shadows, on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers.  I’m also thrilled to announce that it is available on CD, the first such physical release for my label.

Ever since scientists began to speculate that there is a liquid water ocean beneath Europa’s icy crust, one of my life goals has become to simply live long enough to witness the moment when we finally drill through the ice and explore the murky, unknown waters.  From the moment this film was announced, I followed it closely, hardly daring to hope that I’d have the chance to actually score it. When I initially saw the rough cut of “Europa Report,” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: a realistic and detailed depiction of space travel, telling the moving story of the first manned mission to Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa. Unlike most speculative fiction, looking ahead to the future, this film plays so much like a documentary that it feels like it already happened. (more…)

Zom-B-Movie Soundtrack

I am proud (or should I be ashamed?) to announce that BuySoundtrax has just released my newest Zombie film score: Chillerama Presents… Zom-B-Movie.  The CD is available now from the label’s website and the first hundred orders will receive copies autographed by myself, director Joe Lynch and Young Beautiful in a Hurry frontman Brendan McCreary. For those hoping to stuff their digital stockings this holiday, the album is now available on:

iTunes     &     Amazon MP3

Zom-B-Movie is the “wrap-around” segment of the larger anthology film “Chillerama,” which has been experienced in exclusive drive-in screenings around the world this fall and debuts on BluRay / DVD on November 29th.  I sat down with director Joe Lynch for a blog-exclusive chat about the blood, sweat, tears and various other bodily fluids that went into the creation of Zom-B-Movie and its recklessly ambitious score.  (Be warned, this video blog is probably not safe for work!)


“I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin” Music Video!

After focusing my entire life on writing music, I suddenly found myself in the proverbial director’s chair!  My first music video, “I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin” for Young Beautiful in a Hurry, is now online for all to endure… I mean enjoy:

My video is featured in the end credits of the feature film Chillerama (I also scored the anthology film’s Zom-B-Movie segments).  In fact, Chillerama is the reason I ended up directing it in the first place!  The sordid saga of my sudden transition into music video director is chronicled below… (more…)