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“A Very Eureka Christmas” Album & Holiday Goodies!

Looking for a way to get in the holiday spirit this year?  Here’s some music to throw in your digital stockings!  First up, a soundtrack album for fans who’ve been especially good this year…

I’m excited to partner with Back Lot Music for the digital release of “A Very Eureka Christmas.” This album contains my original scores to the two “Eureka” holiday specials, Season 4’s O Little Town and Season 5’s Do You See What I See?.   “A Very Eureka Christmas” is currently available on iTunes, and will be available from other digital retailers, including Amazon, later this month. (more…)

Eureka: Just Another Day

Tonight marks the end of a big chapter in my career – the series finale of “Eureka.”

“Eureka” was a genre-bending series, held together by a uniquely charming combination of comedy, emotion, tension and deeply involving characters.

A smartly written piece of speculative fiction, it boasted storylines grounded in scientific reality, but never allowed the science to bog down the relationships that had us tuning in week after week.  Like “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Eureka” benefited from the constraints of episodic formula and then delighted us when it deviated from the norm.


Eureka: Do You See What I See?

It’s time once again to get in the holiday spirit with a new “Eureka” holiday special! Everyone involved with this episode knew it would be difficult to top last year’s O Little Town (a processs I chronicled in a previous entry), but I believe we managed to take this series, and perhaps holiday specials in general, to a whole new level of ass-kickery with Do You See What I See?  Check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of our insanely fun recording sessions:

Do You See What I See? certainly raised the stakes visually compared to last year’s special. The episode features four distinct styles of contemporary and classic animation. When writing the music, I had to measure up to the exciting imagery, match each style with a distinct musical style, infuse every cue with holiday instrumentation and various Christmas carols and do it all while still preserving my quirky, signature “Eureka” sound.  I had my work cut out for me, and knew from day one this episode would be one of the greatest challenges of my career thus far. (more…)

Eureka: O Little Town…

Just in time to get us in the holiday spirit, a very special episode of “EUReKA” premieres tonight. O Little Town… is a holiday special in the grand tradition of television Christmas specials (ok, not the STAR WARS one!) and provided many incredible musical opportunities for both songs and score, original music and adaptations of seasonal classics.  However, the biggest milestone in this episode was the use of a full orchestra for the first time ever on this series.  Watch the video blog to see us in action:

[media id=24 width=445 height=255]

I’ve been working on (and in a way, living in) “EUReKA” for several years.  However, the series went through a seismic shift in Season 4 and has grown to become one of the most dynamic, creatively challenging and evolving series I’ve scored since “Battlestar Galactica.”  And, with O Little Town…, the series joins BSG, Caprica, Human Target, The Cape and The Walking Dead in the ranks of the very few contemporary series to use live orchestra. (more…)

New Docs: Dark Void, T:TSCC & Eureka

There are some new cool documentaries out there worth pointing out. First up: has a Dark Void Character Development Diary:

This is a wonderful look at the evolution of the characters in the game, told by the producers and developers themselves.  There’s an interesting comparison between typical blank-canvas videogame archetypes and actual, interesting characters.  The game’s strong narrative structure is what made it such a joy to write music for.  There’s a good story that required multiple character themes and musical development along the lines of my work on T:TSCC and BSG.

Speaking of the Dark Void score, this documentary is by far the best sneak peak yet at a bunch of my cues written for the game.  Previous trailers (as well as the cue excerpts released last spring) have featured exclusively gameplay music.  This documentary is your first example of what the cinematics and character themes sound like.

(UPDATED: Thanks to cory for pointing out in the comments that the official website has a bunch of my score playing on the main page!  Check it out: