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New Docs: Dark Void, T:TSCC & Eureka

There are some new cool documentaries out there worth pointing out. First up: has a Dark Void Character Development Diary:

This is a wonderful look at the evolution of the characters in the game, told by the producers and developers themselves.  There’s an interesting comparison between typical blank-canvas videogame archetypes and actual, interesting characters.  The game’s strong narrative structure is what made it such a joy to write music for.  There’s a good story that required multiple character themes and musical development along the lines of my work on T:TSCC and BSG.

Speaking of the Dark Void score, this documentary is by far the best sneak peak yet at a bunch of my cues written for the game.  Previous trailers (as well as the cue excerpts released last spring) have featured exclusively gameplay music.  This documentary is your first example of what the cinematics and character themes sound like.

(UPDATED: Thanks to cory for pointing out in the comments that the official website has a bunch of my score playing on the main page!  Check it out:


New Dark Void Trailer / Press

Capcom has updated their official Dark Void site, and there’s a new trailer, featuring more of my original score!  Click on the pic to check it out:

When you’re there, click on TEST FLIGHT, then PERFORMANCE to see the trailer.  There’s also a bunch of new material on this new site, video and images that look even better than what I was given to actually inspire the music.  I can’t wait to play this thing!