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The Dark Void Zero Score

DARK VOID ZERO is released on DSiWare today!  PC and iPhone aps are coming soon.  I scored the game in a completely authentic 8-bit style, based on the musical themes of my orchestral score to Dark Void.

[audio:|titles=Dark Void Zero – Main Theme]

Dark Void Zero is a prequel story to the events of Dark Void, which comes out tomorrow for X-Box, PS3 and PC.  The evolution of my completely 8-bit Dark Void Zero score began last spring, when Capcom announced me as the composer for Dark Void. As part of an April Fool’s prank, Capcom and I released a track I created called “Theme from Dark Void (Mega Version).”

I created that track during my last days of composing the real Dark Void score as a way to thank to gang at Capcom for such a rewarding and creative experience.


Dark Void Zero

Gamespot made the exclusive announcement today of what will technically be my video game debut: DARK VOID ZERO!

Check out the official trailer:

As you can read in the Gamespot articleDark Void Zero is a prequel story to the events of the upcoming console / PC game Dark Void, which is also released next month. Capcom not only turned back the clock on the story… they did it with the technology as well.  The entire game is lovingly rendered in 8-bit graphics and sound, adhering to the limitations and aesthetic of 1980s video games.  And yes, that means I wrote the entire score 8-bit!!