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cons00Last spring, David S. Goyer told me about his new pilot for NBC, Constantine. I always loved the DC Comics’ “Hellblazer” antihero for his unique blend of attitude and power. I could imagine nothing more fun than working with David Goyer again, after two successful season of Da Vinci’s Demons, to bring John Constantine to the screen.


I was immediately struck by how closely director Neil Marshall paid tribute to the original “Hellblazer” comics’ dark and gloomy tone.  From the beginning, I knew I would need to write dissonant horror music. I brought in the Calder Quartet (with whom I’ve worked on a number of series at this point) because I knew they would be able to provide the sounds of classic cinematic tension: clustered tremolo chords, scraping sul ponticello lines and scratching glisses. (more…)

Comic Con 2014 Highlights


As another July comes to a close, I find myself once again coming down off the multi-day adrenaline rush that is San Diego Comic Con. This year, there were so many exciting events relating to my projects that there was no way for me to catch them all. Nevertheless, Comic Con 2014 was a memorable and thrilling experience, filled with revelations about my current projects and announcements of new ones.  (more…)