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Caprica: Gravedancing

SPOILERS DANCING AHEAD: The world of “Caprica” continues to be revealed one layer at a time in Gravedancing.  This episode allowed me to play with character themes again and follow their ever-changing arcs.  But, I was also able to introduce more pop music into their society, including themes for Baxter Sarno’s TV show, and multiple songs featured prominently on Caprican radio, straddling the line between source and score.

First of all, I just have to say Patton Oswalt is one of the funniest and most unique comedians working today.  I will confess when I first learned he would have a role on “Caprica,” I wondered if he could effectively blend into the world.  However, at this point, my only regret about them casting Patton is that they didn’t make him a series regular!  Somehow, adding this kind of personality to the grim and brooding texture of the series adds a layer of authenticity to the city, and to the entire world.


Caprica: Reins of a Waterfall

SPOILERS AHEAD: Reins of a Waterfall continues to expand the characters and the world of Caprica, and so the character themes in the score are also adapting. While this episode doesn’t introduce any new thematic material, it does use the current library of themes in new ways.

The first cue helps establish Lacey’s isolation at school, as she walks through the hallways while her fellow students scorn her for being friends with a terrorist. (Dude, her friend is frakkin’ DEAD, cut the girl some slack!) The orchestration of the main theme here is unique, because it rests atop a freely ascending accompanimental line in the violin and clarinets.


Caprica: Rebirth

SPOILERS BEYOND: After the intimate two-hour pilot film that established the major characters and themes, Caprica now takes off and expands the world and characters.The appropriately-titled Rebirth is the first of several episodes that pushes the boundaries of the narrative beyond the world of the Graystones and Adamas, and gives us our first real glimpses of Caprican society.We witness snippets of Caprican television broadcasts, a huge pyramid match, Tamara’s high school, the Dive Bar and the city center where thousands of citizens gather to mourn the victims of the terrorist bombing.

This series presents a unique set of challenges for me.I have all the usual jobs of a television composer: match the mood of each scene, bring to the surface emotional arcs that may not be coming across, write and develop character themes as necessary and stay tastefully out of the way of dialog and sound effects.However, I also have the added duties of helping to realize Caprican society by writing and producing source pieces for every environment where they may be helpful.

Caprica: Pilot


MODERATE SPOILERS AHEAD: After many months (or arguably years) of anticipation, the “BSG” prequel series “Caprica” premieres tonight on SyFy.  Originally released as a two-hour film on DVD last spring, with a subsequent soundtrack album release in June, most hard-core BSG fans have probably already experienced this.  For any of you who don’t know, “Caprica” is a prequel series to “Battlestar Galactica” that chronicles the origins of the robotic Cylon race that will ultimately wipe out most of humanity.

Those of you who have been enjoying the soundtrack CD know that this two-hour film introduces several important melodic and rhythmic themes.  Beginning next week, you will finally hear that musical world expand and develop into exciting new ideas, themes, melodies, songs and score.  I also just tonight approved the final “Caprica Main Title” which you will hear next week (and it kicks ass).

I plan on blogging detailed entries about each episode, so check back each week after you’ve seen the show.  And if you’re watching the pilot tonight for a second or third time, try to pick out the variations of the Graystone and Tauron Themes that are woven throughout the score.

There’s little I can say about the “Caprica” pilot that I didn’t already cover in my blog last spring, when the DVD came out.  So, I’m reposting that entry with updated sound clips so you can hear the themes being discussed…


January Premieres: Human Target, Dark Void & Caprica

Next week is a good time to be a fan of big, kick-ass orchestral Bear McCreary scores, because I have (count’em) three new scores premiering in a single week, each recorded with a full orchestra!  And all three projects have sweeping character themes woven into the music, featuring some of the best melodies I’ve ever written in my life. First up…


Don’t let the cheesy pop music from the ads fool you:  Human Target has a thematic and lyrical orchestral score, inspired by the classic scores of Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein and John Williams.  One of the only shows on TV with a weekly orchestral score, this could be the largest and most ambitious TV music in decades.  The typical HT orchestra is literally twice as big as the largest orchestra I ever had on BSG. Soundtrack fans will not want to miss this one!  Then, two days later…