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Bear @GoogleTalks

A few weeks ago, I was honored with an invitation to speak at Google, as part of their @Google Series.  The entire presentation is now available in HD on YouTube, or you can see it right here:

For the presentation, Raya Yarbrough interviewed me about my early musical life, career, creative process, influences and turn ons… well, musical turn ons anyway.

Like most music education seminars, we had a grand piano and full-size Cylon Centurian on stage with us! (more…)

Caprica: Ghosts in the Machine

SPOILERS IN THE MACHINE: Tonight’s episode of “Caprica” takes us to the darkest and most surreal corners of New Cap City as well as Daniel’s personality.  As usual with this series, scoring the dramatic moments is only half the job.  I spent an extraordinary amount of time on Ghosts in the Machine creating various source pieces for Joseph’s adventures in the drag club in New Cap City.

I was originally brought in on this episode prior to production.  The script introduced Joseph to a mysterious drag queen named Cerberus who would help him on his quest to find Tamara.  There were multiple dance numbers in an extended set of sequences in this environment.  I worked with an on-set choreographer and with the actor playing Cerberus and crafted several original compositions for them.


Caprica: The Imperfections of Memory

IMPERFECT SPOILERS AHEAD: Tonight’s episode of “Caprica,” The Imperfections of Memory, explores a lot of territory.  The most important plot lines from a musical perspective are Amanda’s visions of her brother Darius and Joseph’s continuing quest for his daughter.

The Amanda story line clearly required some use of the Amanda Theme.  The Amanda Theme originated in the pilot, and is a simple ascending minor 7th scale:

[audio:|titles=Caprica – Amanda’s Theme]


Caprica: Know Thy Enemy

KNOW THY SPOILERS: Tonight’s “Caprica” introduces Tomas Vergis, the owner of the rival company that Daniel stole the MCP from in order to complete his U-87 project.  That decision finally comes back to haunt him, literally and figuratively, in Know Thy Enemy.

Played brilliantly by John Pyper-Ferguson (recognize him as the Pegasus CAG Pegasus in “BSG” Season 2?), Vergis is a complex and interesting character.  He is clearly an antagonist, with his sights set on ruining Daniel Graystone and his company.  However, he is also a Tauron, and as such, is understandably motivated by vengeance for the two men who were killed in the theft, whose deaths he blames solely on Daniel.


Caprica: There Is Another Sky

SPOILERS BEYOND: Tonight’s There is Another Sky is the first “Caprica” episode directed by Michael Nankin, whose “BSG” episodes brought me some of the best musical opportunities in that entire series (Someone to Watch Over Me, for example).  I assumed that he’d have some challenges for me in “Caprica,” and I was not disappointed.

Another Sky is unique because it’s the first to focus almost exclusively on the Taurons and the Adamas.  In addition to exploring the relationship between Willie and Joseph, we also learn a great deal more about Tamara, who finds herself in a V-World videogame called “New Cap City.”  She essentially has the Game Genie Code for Infinite Lives (if you know that reference, you’re probably my age or older).

This episode allowed me to push the boundaries of the score with new source music as well as several new themes. (more…)