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Johnny “Vatos” Tribute to Halloween and Oingo Boingo 2007



It’s time for our third annual Halloween show! 

     Oingo Boingo alums Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, John Avila, Steve Bartek and Sam “Sluggo” Phipps are again joining forces with the McCreary brothers to put on one final Halloween bash.  We’re resurrecting some classic Oingo Boingo tunes, as well as songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Bt4 takes the stage as lead vocalist, while I play keyboards and conduct all my original arrangements for this insane 18-piece band (and you’ll even get to hear Raya Yarbrough and I sing as Sally and Jack Skellington!).  


Quick BG Updates

     Some quick updates for the Galactica fans out there.

    I know everybody wants to know when the next live Galactica concert is and I’ve finally got a vague, but close-to-being-finalized answer…. 

The Battlestar Galactica Live Concert in Los Angeles has been postponed to January 2008. [Update: It has since been postponed to April 2008]

     The reasons for the delay are too numerous to mention, but I’m planning on scheduling the performance very close to the premiere of Season 4. I hope to have all the details locked down in the next month or two, so stay vigilant and keep checking back every once in a while. This concert will be worth the wait. We’ll be performing highlights from Seasons 1, 2 and 3 and probably give a sneak preview of the score to Season 4. I’m also expanding the ensemble this year to include some of the string pieces, so we’ll be performing “A Promise to Return” among others.


Johnny “Vatos” Tribute to Halloween 2006


Any Oingo Boingo fans out there? 

     This weekend, I’m playing in the two coolest shows of the year: the Johnny “Vatos” Tribute to Halloween. Make no mistakes, this isn’t a Boingo “reunion” since the Elf-man won’t be there. Instead, its a celebration of all things Boingo and Halloween-y… performed by the very freaks who helped create this classic music.