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Themes of Battlestar Galactica, Pt III

     After Unfinished Business, almost any episode would feel like a break, and in many ways, this week’s The Passage is a more straightforward Galactica score. However, I did get to write one new theme, for Kat’s descent into depression and ultimate redemption. Kat’s theme was cobbled together, almost cannibalized, from elements of different themes I’ve written for the series, in order to help connect her personal struggle with the bigger problems facing her shipmates, even the entire fleet.

     But rather than go into too much detail about The Passage, I’ll present instead a third collection of themes written for Battlestar Galactica


BG3: “Unfinished Business”

     On any other television show, it would be hard to believe that a “boxing” episode would be among the most intimate, lyrical, dynamic or emotionally involving stories of the season. As usual, Battlestar Galactica continues to surprise: this week’s episode is all of the above.   



BG3: “Hero”

     When I first watched this week’s episode, it was clear from the beginning that the score would require new musical ideas. The story centers around Danny “Bulldog” Novacek, a pilot long left for dead who mysteriously returns to the fleet and immediately raises suspicion within the crew.



Themes of Battlestar Galactica, Pt II

Well, you asked for it! Here is the second part in my exploration of thematic material in Battlestar Galactica. If you missed part one, you’ll find it here. As for this week’s A Measure of Salvation, I don’t really have much insight to offer. After last week’s wacky solo piano craziness, the music this week plays it pretty straight. The only musical oddity is the re-appearance of the long-dormant… 


…Helo Theme

     This simple chordal pattern was written for 33, and was designed to express Helo’s dread and fear as he was pursued and captured by the Cylons. It was performed with strings, synths and a dark choral, vocal texture and is comprised entirely of shifting minor chords, ending with a major chord. theme-helo.jpg 


BG3: “Torn”

The World Premiere of “Battlestar Sonatica!” 

     “Torn” is the first episode in Season 3 to truly move on from the New Caprica storyline and take us into uncharted territory. The insights into the inner workings of Cylon society are reminiscent of the revelations in Season 2’s “Downloaded,” but this time around we get to see the Cylons in their own environment.