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Themes of Battlestar Galactica, Pt IV

     Here’s the latest installment in my seemingly endless series. If you missed the others, they are here: Part OnePart Two and Part Three.     

     Up to this point, I’ve discussed many of the small musical “building blocks” I use to build the eccentric log cabin that is the Galactica score. Duduk, electric fiddle, bagpipes, taikos, yialli tanbur, bansuri, erhu, rock band and more have all contributed to the sonic texture.     

     But, occasionally, the score will open up to include the symphonic string orchestra. These are the pieces I will discuss in detail here. While the duduk solos and fiddle melodies are easily lost beneath the dialog and sound effects, these orchestral pieces are unmistakable and stand out as bold musical statements.



BG3: “Takin’ a Break From All Your Worries”

     This weekend’s episode, Takin’ a Break From All Your Worries, presented unique challenges. There are several original songs featured in the episode, some written by myself and others written by series writer Michael Taylor, Raya Yarbrough… even Edward James Olmos!



BG3: “Rapture”

     Sorry about the delay in getting the Rapture blog posted. After the holidays, the Galactica schedule kicked in with a vengeance, and combined with the release of my newest album Rest Stop: Music from the Motion Picture, it’s been a crazy 2007 so far! I’ll try to be more current for the rest of the season. 

     Rapture was a tremendously fun show to score. While there were several great action set pieces, the reveal of the supernova, leading to D’Anna’s vision of the Final Five, is among my favorite sequences I’ve scored yet.  



Rest Stop Soundtrack Album

Rest Stop Soundtrack Now Shipping!

     I actually haven’t seen this week’s episode, Rapture, yet (with all the complete visual and sound effects), so I’ll be watching it on Sunday at the same time as you guys. I’ll offer some insightful tidbits about it in a few days. 


     However, let me take this opportunity to post something I should’ve done months ago. My soundtrack album for Warner Bros.’ film Rest Stop is finally shipping (from and its now on iTunes too) and Battlestar Galactica fans will really dig it. The album includes my complete score, and three original songs as well. 


BG3: “The Eye of Jupiter”

     Tonight’s episode is the last of the year, before we take a break for a few weeks. It’s been a great run so far, but the second half of the season will be on a slightly more relaxed schedule — more like “Season 2 Stress” — a welcome change from the incredibly tense first months of Season 3.

     In this episode, Chief Tyrol discovers a holy temple on the surface of the algae planet. The music cue for this particular moment was especially challenging.

     First, we had to lure Tyrol into the temple and this called for haunting, almost subliminal, chimes and bells that he thinks he hears. Using glass harmonica, glass marimba, vibraphone, tines, celeste, tibetan bowls and anything else we could get our hands on, we created an intricate, layered chime effect.