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BG3: “Dirty Hands”

     “Dirty Hands” focuses on the workforce within the fleet that we rarely see, the men and women struggling in the background to get their jobs done. Their work is neither glamorous nor rewarding, and when they stand up to demand better conditions, they are shut down by Roslin and Adama. Chief Tyrol begins to suspect their cause is just and eventually leads them on strike.


     Believe it or not, my personal inspiration for this episode actually stemmed from my favorite episode of Batman: The Animated Series. I loved this series when it was on the air in the early 90’s. I firmly believe it has what could be the greatest television soundtrack of all time, scored by Shirley Walker and her amazing team of composers. Shirley, who conducted and orchestrated many scores for Danny Elfman, took the Batman mythology into incredible new musical realms, far beyond anything created for the feature films. Her themes for Batman, the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman and the other characters have always stuck in my mind as their definitive musical identities.



BG3: “A Day in the Life”

     This was a tricky episode. It centers on Adama as he remembers (and “speaks with”) his ex-wife, Carolanne, on their anniversary. This plot makes way for Tyrol and Cally’s life-threatening situation in an airlock. The challenge was to integrate the stories together, since they are related: Adama’s guilt about his own family is magnified when he sees the loyalty and love between Cally and Tyrol.



BG3: “The Woman King”

     This week’s episode centers on Helo’s suspicions that a civilian doctor is killing refugees staying aboard the Galactica. 


Helo has more screen-time this time around

     It was obvious from the beginning that the score would be built from variations of Helo’s theme:



BG3: “Takin’ a Break From All Your Worries”

     This weekend’s episode, Takin’ a Break From All Your Worries, presented unique challenges. There are several original songs featured in the episode, some written by myself and others written by series writer Michael Taylor, Raya Yarbrough… even Edward James Olmos!



BG3: “Rapture”

     Sorry about the delay in getting the Rapture blog posted. After the holidays, the Galactica schedule kicked in with a vengeance, and combined with the release of my newest album Rest Stop: Music from the Motion Picture, it’s been a crazy 2007 so far! I’ll try to be more current for the rest of the season. 

     Rapture was a tremendously fun show to score. While there were several great action set pieces, the reveal of the supernova, leading to D’Anna’s vision of the Final Five, is among my favorite sequences I’ve scored yet.