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EMP BSG Galactibash

This weekend I was honored to take part in the closing celebration of the EMP Science Fiction Hall of Fame’s “Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition.”  For the past 18 months, the museum has had remarkable memorabilia on display, including two vipers, a cylon raider, costumes and many props from “Battlestar Galactica,” as well as recorded interviews from dozens of the series’ cast and crew.

(photo courtesy of Jill Watson)

For the “Galactibash” last Friday, the EMP invited cast and crew for a QnA panel.  On hand were such alumni as Tahmoh Penikett (“Helo”), Luciana Carro (“Kat”), David Weddle (writer / producer), Bradley Thompson (writer / producer), Michael Nankin (director),  Mark Verheiden (writer / producer), Glenne Campbell (costume designer) and myself. (more…)

Battlestar Galactica Solo Piano CD

Since the book’s release last spring, I have been continually amazed at the overwhelming response to my Battlestar Galactica Solo Piano Book.  Throughout the summer, as we’ve shot a few videos of my performances for my YouTube channel, the response has been equally enthusiastic.  And through it all, one question has remained constant: when are you going to release a CD of your BSG piano arrangements?

The answer is: today.

BuySoundtrax Records and I have collaborated to produce a complete recording of the songbook.  The album is available beginning today from iTunes (in separate volumes I and II), from Amazon Mp3 (volume I and II) or as a physical CD from the label’s website.


BSG Piano Book Videos

My long-awaited “Battlestar Galactica” Piano Music Book is finally available, thanks to Hal Leonard and Universal Music Publishing.  To celebrate the release, I have started an official YouTube Channel for fan-made “BSG” music performances:

Every two weeks, I will upload a new video of me performing a piece from the “BSG” Piano Music Book, at my own living room piano.  Let’s kick off with one of my favorites, “Prelude to War:”

This channel isn’t just for me.  You are all invited to take part in this “online living room concert.”  If you create a YouTube video of your own “BSG” music performance, I want to feature it.  Just post a link to your video in the comments section in this blog entry, or email it to us at “staff @ bearmccreary .com.”