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Human Target Soundtrack Album

(The Human Target 3 CD set, click image to embiggen!)

This week, my “Human Target” soundtrack is finally released!  More than two hours of score are available for download from iTunes, courtesy of WaterTower Music.  La La Land Records has released a limited edition 3 CD deluxe set, featuring 62 tracks totaling nearly 4 hours of music.  In addition to an hour of exclusive bonus tracks, the CD set also includes unreleased demos and sketches that chronicle my creative journey as I wrote the Emmy-Award-nominated Main Title Theme.  This album marks the first time I’ve ever released my sketches to the public.  The CD packaging also includes a unique booklet.

The CD set is available for order directly from La La Land Records’ website, beginning tomorrow (Tuesday 10/19 at 1pm Pacific).  I’m autographing booklets for the first 150 orders, so move fast to get a signed one.  However, if you want to be guaranteed a signed CD, order them from Dark Delicacies’ website (click on “Signings / Events” in the top left corner).  CDs ordered through Dark Delicacies can have personalized autographs.  However, the absolute best place to get the album is come to the signing taking place this Sunday, October 24th, 2pm, at Dark Delicacies in Burbank (3512 W. Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91505).

What makes “Human Target” so special?  I have written several scores that have resonated with soundtrack fans.  But, take it from me as a fellow film score geek: the 3 CD set of “Human Target” was written just for you.  Because in writing it, I returned to the style of music that made me first love music, and I believe my reckless creative joy can be heard in every note of this album. (more…)

Captain Ahab: The End of Irony

At long last, the new Captain Ahab album, “The End of Irony, is finally coming out!

I collaborated with the band on several tracks: the searing rock anthem The Calm Before the Sword as well as vinyl and digital-only exclusives Under Your Bones and Was Love.

Captain Ahab is comprised of Jonathan Snipes, who does everything but dancing, and Jim Merson… who dances.  Snipes and I have actually known each other for years, since we were teenagers and realized that we both loved movie soundtracks.  Over the years, he developed his incredible gift for combining electronics and various musical styles into a sophisticated musical persona: Captain Ahab. (more…)

Two Dark Void Soundtracks Released Tuesday!

I’m thrilled to announce that Capcom and Sumthing Else will release two Dark Void albums this Tuesday, February 9th.  Of course, the first and most essential is the 80-minute album Dark Void, Original Video Game Score. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a single CD of mine better check this out, because it ranks right up there with the best albums I’ve ever put together.  Second (perhaps) only to the double-disc BSG Season 4 album, this music is the most sweeping, epic and kick ass soundtrack I’ve ever created.

There’s little I can say about the score I didn’t already discuss in depth in this here.  Every theme and unique soloist can be found on the album.  Here’s the scoop on the official track list with exclusive audio clips: (more…)

Anthrax’s Scott Ian on New BSG: The Plan / Razor CD (UPDATED!)

Next month, La La Land Records will release the final* official Battlestar Galactica soundtrack album: Battlestar Galactica: The Plan / Razor. This CD includes cues from the two straight-to-DVD films that flanked either side of Season 4. The first track features a very special musical guest: Scott Ian of Anthrax!

The album comes out February 23rd.  Here’s the official track list (as usual, you heard it here first!):


BSG Music is Finally on iTunes!

Finally… Finally… Finally!

I’ve been teasing you loyal blog readers about a big announcement for weeks, and here it is: NBC Universal and Apple have finally worked out their issues and, at long last, my scores for Battlestar Galactica are available on iTunes.

This has been an annoyingly arduous process for me.  Seeing the episodes in the top downloads on iTunes every week for years while my scores were relegated to physicals discs was a drag.  So, this is a big step.  But we’re still only halfway there. There’s a bunch of material that’s supposed to be there still missing (like Season 1 for example!). The Eureka soundtrack will also be on iTunes soon.

Best of all, there is (and will be even more) exclusive iTunes content available.  First up, the world premiere music video and single of Apocalypse (Theme from ‘The Plan’)” performed live by the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra in concert are now on iTunes.

Raya Yarbrough sings the Gayatri Mantra in the “Apocalypse” video.