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Zom-B-Movie Soundtrack

I am proud (or should I be ashamed?) to announce that BuySoundtrax has just released my newest Zombie film score: Chillerama Presents… Zom-B-Movie.  The CD is available now from the label’s website and the first hundred orders will receive copies autographed by myself, director Joe Lynch and Young Beautiful in a Hurry frontman Brendan McCreary. For those hoping to stuff their digital stockings this holiday, the album is now available on:

iTunes     &     Amazon MP3

Zom-B-Movie is the “wrap-around” segment of the larger anthology film “Chillerama,” which has been experienced in exclusive drive-in screenings around the world this fall and debuts on BluRay / DVD on November 29th.  I sat down with director Joe Lynch for a blog-exclusive chat about the blood, sweat, tears and various other bodily fluids that went into the creation of Zom-B-Movie and its recklessly ambitious score.  (Be warned, this video blog is probably not safe for work!)


“I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin” Music Video!

After focusing my entire life on writing music, I suddenly found myself in the proverbial director’s chair!  My first music video, “I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin” for Young Beautiful in a Hurry, is now online for all to endure… I mean enjoy:

My video is featured in the end credits of the feature film Chillerama (I also scored the anthology film’s Zom-B-Movie segments).  In fact, Chillerama is the reason I ended up directing it in the first place!  The sordid saga of my sudden transition into music video director is chronicled below… (more…)

The Cape Soundtrack CD

On September 27th, La La Land Records will release a 2-CD limited edition soundtrack of my fully orchestral score for The Cape.  The first 150 orders through the label’s website will be signed!  The sale begins next Tuesday at 1pm Pacific Standard Time.  The autographed copies will go fast, so check early in the day.

A digital release is scheduled for later in the year.

This album represents my most grandiose and lyrical orchestral writing yet.  The story presented me with a rare opportunity to explore sweeping superhero music, in the style of my favorite scores when I was growing up.  There are whispers of Elfman’s Batman and Williams’ Superman in here, yes, but my biggest influence by far was Shirley Walker’s scores for Batman: The Animated Series. In fact, this CD is dedicated to her memory. (more…)

Play For Japan

My original composition, “Maverick Regeneration,” is available today on iTunes as part of the “Play For Japan” benefit album for Japan Disaster Relief.

As I watched the images pouring in from Japan last March, the sheer destruction was nearly impossible to comprehend.  Like so many others, I wanted desperately to offer some sort of help to the Japanese people.  Composer Akira Yamaoka clearly felt the same when he produced the benefit album “Play for Japan.” (more…)