BSG Piano Book Videos

My long-awaited “Battlestar Galactica” Piano Music Book is finally available, thanks to Hal Leonard and Universal Music Publishing.  To celebrate the release, I have started an official YouTube Channel for fan-made “BSG” music performances:

Every two weeks, I will upload a new video of me performing a piece from the “BSG” Piano Music Book, at my own living room piano.  Let’s kick off with one of my favorites, “Prelude to War:”

This channel isn’t just for me.  You are all invited to take part in this “online living room concert.”  If you create a YouTube video of your own “BSG” music performance, I want to feature it.  Just post a link to your video in the comments section in this blog entry, or email it to us at “staff @ bearmccreary .com.”

I anticipate some beautiful performances, as I’ve already seen in some fan videos.  But I’m also looking for creative folks who will reinterpret this material in a unique or entertaining way.

Can you play a “BSG” song on an instrument other than piano?  Can anyone out there tackle a duet of “Kara Remembers?”  Or a rock band performance of “Pegasus?”  There’s plenty of room for inventive performances here.

And who knows?  I just may give away some autographed music memorabilia to the creators of my favorite videos at the end of the summer.  🙂

The piano book is available now from  Digital downloads of each song are available from Sheet Music Direct.  So… what are you waiting for?  Get out your camera and shoot a video!

So Say We All!