Bear @GoogleTalks

A few weeks ago, I was honored with an invitation to speak at Google, as part of their @Google Series.  The entire presentation is now available in HD on YouTube, or you can see it right here:

For the presentation, Raya Yarbrough interviewed me about my early musical life, career, creative process, influences and turn ons… well, musical turn ons anyway.

Like most music education seminars, we had a grand piano and full-size Cylon Centurian on stage with us!

Raya and I gave a few impromptu performances of Apocalypse and Lords of Kobol.  And I even pulled someone up from the crowd to join me at the piano to play Kara Remembers!

Google designed a fantastic “Google Doodle”-inspired logo for the event, drawing from my work on Dark Void Zero and my love of 8-bit scores:

They also designed and ran these very cool promotional posters around the campus:

I really like how each poster shows one of my projects and the notation of that project’s main musical theme.

This third one is my favorite because of the empty staff for Titan Rain.  No one knows what that music is going to be yet… not even me!

I think you will all enjoy the video of this event.  The casual format allowed me to discuss aspects of my life and job I don’t normally cover on the blog.  And it contains a surprise request from Raya for me to play the Sarah Connor Theme on piano, one I couldn’t deny!

Big thanks to Marcin Wichary, who spearheaded this event; to Brandon Downey, Robert Klapper, Omari Stephens and Mike Wiacek for the wonderful photos; and to every one at Google for being so friendly and accommodating.

So Say We All!