10 Cloverfield Lane Vinyl

10CL1I am inspired by the opportunities presented by making music in the digital era, a time in which musical ideas can reach millions of fans instantaneously thanks to the internet. However, I am grateful that the recent resurgence of vinyl as a medium for music, in particular score albums, allows me to communicate with fans in a timeless, analog manner. I have always felt that owning music means possessing something you can hold in your hand, and holding a beautifully mastered and pressed vinyl album feels pretty damn good!

10CL3After partnering successfully with Spacelab9 to release my Outlander Volume I and Volume II albums, I am excited that my label, Sparks & Shadows, has collaborated with Mondo for this week’s release of my score to 10 Cloverfield Lane. I have always loved Mondo’s releases, especially their visionary album designs. Mondo curates a wide-range of scores, ranging from historically-monumental themes to the most current and exciting new visions. I am tremendously honored and humbled to have a score included in their catalog.

10 Cloverfield Lane is one of my most sonically diverse scores, ranging from bombastic blaster beams growls to delicate orchestral woodwind textures. These elements are showcased beautifully in analog, thanks especially to Steve Kaplan’s dynamic mixes and Pat Sullivan’s powerful mastering. I’d also like to thank Kyle Marie Colucci for producing and directing the cool promo video for this record, and Alec Siegel for shooting and cutting it. Jason Akers, from my music team, played the role of Howard, and may have missed his true calling as an actor!

Speaking of 10 Cloverfield Lane, I just uploaded a new behind-the-scenes look at the crazy sounds that went into score. I’ve already blogged about this score in detail, but there’s really nothing like seeing these amazing musicians and exotic instruments in action. (The blaster beam at 2:35 has to be seen to be believed!)

Having this particular score on vinyl is fitting, because it is now on a format that can be played back without electricity. I smile thinking that this vinyl might end up in a doomsday bunker one day, played on a hand-cranked record player. My score is now prepared to survive the apocalypse.


I will blog and post videos more frequently next year, because there are a bunch of exciting projects to announce, presenting many opportunities to hear the new music I’ve been working on. I wish you all a wonderful holiday. Let’s get 2017 started already!